Baume & Mercier Watch Review

Lets face it! Most luxury watch manufacturers these days have their own eCommerce website, but little are as competitive as Baume Mercier website. The majority of the watch collections on the website and access to every watch’s manuals imaginable, the Baume Mercier website has everything you need. Under their collections tab, you have access to a tresure chest of models and styles that Baume & Mercier has to offer. You can whiz through the alternative styles, plus view pictures of the watches whilst reading detailed descriptions of each style as well. The ref number for the watch is also displayed, which comes in handy if you want to purchase a watch directly from Baume et Mercier international.

If you would like to do this via their website, there is a place where you can click to find the nearest local authorized dealer to you.  All you have to do is enter in the location that is nearest you and all the contact information will come up. This will give you an address if you want to go to the retailer as well as a telephone number so you can order any watch you would like.

Whilst a majority of the collections are on the website, some of the newest models are left off.  In order to see the entire range of watches, you can either order the catalog or view the newest version on the website. The catalog displays all of the latest models as well as any other styles that are being sold in retail stores.

To stay up to date with everything that is going on with Baume et Mercier, there is a News tab that displays everything the company is going through. You will find events, when they are happening and any news or releases of watch collections.

The last tab convenient for Baume Mercier website surfers is the FAQ tab. There are several frequently asked questions under this section and answers to how you can go about solving various problems. Under this section, you can learn how long each watch’s warranty is, what the warranty covers, several maintenance issues and how you can go about purchasing a watch not on the website.

Having such a detailed website allows you to stay up to date with all of the newest watches and events going on with Baume and Mercier. Whether you want to view the hottest watches on the market or find out the answers to frequently asked questions, the Baume et Mercier website has everything you will ever need to know, all with the click of a button.